Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Warning to all my good friends that are just into SIB building for the ships and don't care about certain people who sailed them you may want to skip this post because today I'm talking about...

It be talk like a pirate day and though I be a bit of a mangy land lubber I twill be enjoying it.  Truth be told this be my type of holiday.  I read a line on the Talk like a pirate day website that said, "the point is there is no point."  And that's just it.  If there ever t'were a day to celebrate the ridiculous and down right fun this be it lads.  So grab ye a bottle and a cutlass and let us talk like pirates!

For those that have not heard the tale, talk like a pirate day came in to be'n in 1995 when two scaly wags named John Baur and Mark Summers were playing a game o racket ball.  They t'weren't the most fit of pirates and many an arrr was heard that day while swinging away at that scurvy ball.  This turned into more pirate lingo and they had such a good time they made a day of it and celebrated talk like a pirate day among friends for many a year after.  In 2002 they contacted a columnist and gentleman of fortune by the name of Dave Barry with the idea.  Dave loved it and wrote out the story in a column and the international talk like a pirate day spread like a flock of seagulls before a fly'n cannon ball.  I won't be go'in to the full story but if ye want to spy more on the tale see the afore mentioned website.

I've always enjoyed pirates and it t'was Pirates of the Caribbean 4 that got me into ship in bottle building.  So thought I, it be only natural that I do a talk like a pirate day post.  I thought about showin how to build a pirate ship in a bottle but since I had so recently done that with the Adventure Frigate I set my weather eye on try'n somethin else.  So here be my own tips and tricks to talking like a pirate.

I often hear such lines as "you scurvy dog" and "avast mateys"  put into every day sentences and it always just sounds just a little weak to me.  Like, "Ahoy you scurvy dog there is the doughnut shop what do you say we plunder us some doughnuts."  It's good but I think it could be just a bit better.  Here's how.

There are three simple words that if switched with three other simple words will improve you pirate speakin abilities from being just a simple man before the mast to a true captain.  These words are "is" "it" and "you" and are switched with "be" "that" and "ye".  For example "Arrr you scurvy dog, it is the one!"  Becomes "Arrrr ye scurvy dog, that be the one!"

Then the afore mentioned sentence becomes, "Ahoy ye scurvy dog that be the doughnut shop what say ye plunder us some doughnuts."  Not only does it sound more piratey but now your talking your friend into getting you doughnuts instead of helping in the plunder.  Ye have now risen to the rank of Captain.

Now if ye be addin these three words to the other pirate phrases found through out the endless seas of the internet ye soon be talkin like an old sea dog.  So go have a fun talk like a pirate day ye gentlemen of fortune and thank ye kindly for readin this here blog.  Enjoy the below video it be my new favorite tune.

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