Hello.  My name is Daniel and this is my blog about how to build ships in bottles or as some people call them SIBs.   This blog is written in a beginners perspective since I am not far past a beginner myself.  I got into the hobby by pure curiosity.  I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean IV and saw the amusing part where  Jack Sparrow is looking at the Black Pearl in a bottle and says “Why is the Pearl in a bottle?”  

It was funny but it made me think, how do they put those big ships in little tiny bottles?  I looked all over YouTube and other sights to see what ideas were out there.  While I found plenty of videos about how the ship gets into the bottle I found almost nothing on how to build the ship.  I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

                Then one day a light bulb turned on.  Well actually off.  I turned on a light and the bulb blew.  As I was changing the bulb I thought about all of the light bulbs in a bottle I had seen on line and I thought why not give it a shot.  I broke open the bottom and got the insides out leaving a small hole.  I then found some sticks in the yard, a bit of thread, a napkin for sails and built my first ever ship in a bottle. 

                It wasn't much to look at but it sparked my interest.  I eventually found some incredible forums and websites with a lot of helpful people happy to share their wealth of knowledge.  With their help I've since expanded to bigger and better ideas and now want to share them with others. The beauty of this hobby is that it can be very inexpensive.  I built my first ship with things I found lying around the house.  With about 20 bucks you can buy enough materials to build 10 to 15 SIBs.  It’s cheap, it’s fun and there’s something exhilarating about building ships and getting them to fit like magic into a bottle.